About Iowa Powerlifting

Founded in August of 2011, University of Iowa Powerlifting is a club and team for lifters of all experience levels. Our
goal is to bring together University of Iowa students and faculty with an interest in strength training and, more
specifically, the sport of powerlifting.

Since becoming a club three years ago, we've grown greatly: our roster currently contains around forty-five lifters, with
many active, competitive powerlifters. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether or not you have an interest in
competing on our team. Our club caters to both beginning and advanced lifters.

For casual participants, joining University of Iowa Powerlifting gives you the opportunity to meet other experienced
lifters and exchange ideas. We hold regular meetings, usually on Sunday at 7pm in the IMU, and we also hold two
weekly training sessions, on Monday and Wednesday from 7-9pm in the Olympic weightlifting room of the Field House.
Anyone interested in joining is welcome to attend any of these functions to meet club members.

To date, University of Iowa Powerlifting is responsible for over one-hundred meet entries among dozens of members.
Five team members have logged Elite totals (the highest qualifying mark in powerlifting) and are nationally ranked;
additionally, we've co-hosted two intramural powerlifting meets in conjunction with recreational services. In the
spring, we successfully hosted our first team training seminar.

If you're new to the sport, having a team around you to support you through your first meet can be extremely
beneficial! We've had lifters with as little as three months' experience compete in their first powerlifting meet, so you
don't have to be experienced--or all that strong--to compete. Powerlifting meets are welcoming venues that cater to
lifters of every level!

If you'd like more information, please contact our President, Sam Schwarts, at samuel-schwarts@uiowa.edu, and be
sure to request entry to our group page (University of Iowa Powerlifting) on facebook
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Recent Meet Results:

Chris Anderson (193):
335 bench
Chris Anderson (181): 1411 total
Zach Berger (242): 1289 total